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Surviving Bullies VideoBook[sbvb] $19.99

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In Mission 1, you learn what an incident report is, how to create one and how to use it, providing you with the base you need to start taking control. The goal is to clear the fog and get the facts about the kind of bullying that you have been enduring.

Mission 2 helps you demystify the bully and prevent them from appearing 15 feet tall. Bullies tend to take on "larger than life" proportions and it becomes increasingly hard to see them realistically. This mission is designed to help you conquer your fears.

In Mission 3 you will learn about the Isolation Trap. When times are tough, we need to surround ourselves with people who care about us and want to help. Unfortunately, bullying tends to make us withdraw and cut off our friends. If all we hear are the "messages" of the bullies, eventually we start to believe that they are true. We then begin to pick on ourselves. This is the most dangerous part of the Isolation Trap. The goal of this mission is to be able to understand the peril of the Isolation Trap and either climb out of it or avoid sinking into it.

Mission 4 is designed to help you develop anti-bullying skills. We will help you analyze your appearance, your body language, the way you carry yourself, the way you "react" to the bullies (this is key!), how you may deal with jealousy, etc. As you complete this Mission, you will learn how to take action to protect yourself from being bullied and from the effects of bullying.

In Mission 5, you will learn about the importance of building your social network to include "allies" or acquaintances. The more people you are surrounded by, the more likely it is that the bullies will leave you alone. Many of the videos in this mission are of teenagers talking about their strategies for making friends. We all assume that this is something that should come naturally, but sometimes it is something that we need to work at consciously. As you complete this mission, you will gain the ability and the know-how to build your social defenses against being bullied.

All Missions are available with either QuickTime videos or Windows Media Player videos. File sizes: Missions 1: 45MB. Mission 2: 70MB. Mission 3: 225MB. Mission 4: 110MB. Mission 5: 105MB.

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